Relaxation in Tai Chi

by | Nov 26, 2013 | Tai Chi | 9 comments

In tai chi, you must relax three things. Relaxation is the hallmark of great tai chi yet many people are way too tense. Watch the video here:



  1. tankosl

    As ever, very well


    As ever, very well put……

  2. Visitor

    Relaxation and tai chi
    I’ve heard comments are similar to the ones that you have made Bruce yet I’m still puzzled because many people who have helped me in my form have said that you must relax everything above the waist and keep your waist still. In your video you seem to be saying that much of the form comes from movement of your waist and hips. Does this mean that you should always keep her hips and waist moving while you to the form in a more relaxed manner?

  3. Amy

    Tai Chi Relaxation video
    Wow — this really gets to the heart of things in a wonderfully focused way. I would hope to somehow keep this “information” with me at all times, to inform all interactions — and move toward allowing this to happen continuously. It’s very helpful to have this fundamental principle in concise form. Thank you, Bruce.


  4. Ahmed Dangor

    love it will put into
    love it will put into training

  5. Josephine Lim

    Tai Chi DVD
    Hi Bruce,
    I would like a copy of your DVD. How much is the DVD?

  6. ian

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