A Meditation for the Springtime

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Spring is the time of the year when all is awakening, new and fresh. Having just come out of the winter, you plant the seeds that will sustain you for the whole year. So springtime gives you the energy to do.

The spring brings out the energy of the liver, which can bring up one of three possibilities:

  • The neutral aspect of really getting out there and doing things, getting things done–whatever they may be.
  • The negative aspects of anger and frustration–sometimes to a great degree–because you’re not getting things done.
  • The positive aspect of taking the energy to do and turning it into compassionate love.

Don’t Fall into the Anger Trap

Keep in mind that all angers boils down to either not getting what you want or getting what you really don’t want.

If something  is blocking you, then by definition it’s causing a result that you don’t want. So it’s easy to get angry. But there are three practices that might help you overcome it.

First, if you know the Dissolving process of the Taoist Water method, then it’s a good time to simply dissolve all of the negative energies that come up. The spring is the ideal time to address negativity and all that hold you back in life.

Likewise, if you find that you’re having trouble getting yourself going, then simply make an agenda in your meditation practice to release the energy inside you that is stopping you from acting, stopping you from doing things.

Be clear that this is the energy generated by the liver, which can sometimes become stagnant. If left unattended, in time it can turn putrid, compromising your ability to get things done throughout the year. It may not be an isolated event, but rather a general inability to make things happen.

Finally, in any circumstance in which you find yourself, see if you can dissolve the energy that stops you from being compassionate, stops you from being kind, stops you from being generous, stops you from doing well for your fellow human beings.

Can you identify any blockages? What do they feel like? See if you can do something that will release whatever you feel that blockage is.

Meditation Practice: Breathing into Your Liver

In addition to belly breathing, during the Springtime remember to consciously breathe into your sides. This will help you to contact and activate the liver.

Then, take both of your hands and make an energy ball between them. Continuously shrink and grow the ball by having the center of your palms move around to connect with all of the areas that you need to dissolve inside you. Even if you can’t dissolve, then at least moving your hands and the fingers will help you contact and activate these areas while you evolve your meditation practice.

Breathing into your sides and the short practice is very useful during this time of year.


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