The Spring Equinox: Energy Trending Toward Change

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On and just before the spring equinox, which takes place on Sunday, March 20, you have an opportunity to tune into and use the energies trending toward change to your benefit.

Equinox as a New Year

Celebrations and resolutions, whether Western or Eastern, are generally the focus of the New Year. The equinox is a celestial phenomenon. As such, it is connected to the movement of the stars and planets, and the universal energies that run through them. These do not operate according to set dates on any calendar. Equinoxes are tipping points between yin and yang. Beginning with the spring equinox, days will once again get longer and the seasons will start to change. We begin to shift over from the waning dominant yin of winter to a growing dominant yang phase. Spring brings with it new life and growth that will reach its fullest, most active expression in the light and heat of summer. Viewed in terms of the start of a new annual yin-yang cycle, the spring equinox can thus be seen as the beginning of a new year.

If Santa Claus Is Coming, Be Prepared!

Ask yourself: What am I motivated to do? It’s ideal if you choose something you want to do in the next year, rather than something in the longer term, like a 10-year plan. Don’t let doubts or second-guessing defeat you. Avoid the trap of, “On the one hand I want this, but on the other hand I want that.”  If Santa Claus is coming to town and he says you get one thing, what is it? If you ask for two things, you won’t get any. So what is it that you really want during this particular year? Within a few days of some soul searching and meditating, you should be able to work that out. Then the main practice is to release the obstacles, hindrances and blockages that might prevent you from doing or getting what you want. That’s your agenda. Don’t be overly concerned about what you need to do to make anything happen. Just focus on removing the internal forces that will prevent you from fulfilling it. You may or may not have conscious words in your head concerning your direction. In fact, it’s probably better if you don’t. It really depends upon how your insides work. But the exercise is more than a simple, intellectual musing.

Equinox Practice

You can use the following meditation practice over the next week to tune into and manifest what you want:

1. Sit down and start by clearing your mind.

2. Begin to meditate and dissolve.

3. Take the agenda of what you want and focus on it. Don’t be concerned with what you need to do, only what you want.

4. Next focus on feeling and dissolving the obstacles, hindrances or blockages that aren’t allowing you to take action toward your goal. These are not only intellectual obstacles, but energetic, emotional and other blockages that must be resolved.

5. Continue on for as long as is sustainable. Recognize the emotions, feelings and thoughts that emerge and continue to dissolve.

Of course, you can use this meditation practice any time, but the universal energies at play during the spring equinox can aid your ability to set the course for the coming year, and then go with it.

Wishing you a happy equinox and fruitful practice,

Master Bruce K. Frantzis


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    Excellent. Thanks. From Italy (Genoa).

  2. lynn stobaeus

    thank you Bruce for your good words and wisdom


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