State of the Tao 2020

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State of the Tao 2020

Although the Tao is beyond time and space, this year represents a new beginning in Chinese astrology. New beginnings are exciting and can also be a time of uncertainty and chaos. To thrive in times of great change it is important to be well-prepared, able to adapt, and ready to take the initiative.

Year of the Metal Rat

Welcome to The Year of the Metal Rat which is the beginning of a new 12-year Lunar Zodiac cycle. In this State of the Tao, we will focus on one of Metal Rat’s important qualities: Resourcefulness.

This year offers an excellent opportunity to increase your ability to competently navigate life’s pressures and challenges and to find balance in the midst of instability. This will not only benefit your day-to-day life, moving forward it can help you to become whoever you want to be, or are meant to be.

The Global Energetic Landscape

Politics, local and worldwide, are creating all sorts of angst and anxiety for many. Things may feel chaotic, but being able to see clearly despite the chaos, will help ground your body and keep your mind open.

With all that is going on in the world, an effective way to ground yourself is to keep your mind clear. What does it mean to keep your mind clear? From a Taoist or Chi practitioner perspective, it means conserving a precious natural resource–the continuity of your awareness.

For a mind to be clear it must have space. Through practicing relaxed, yet full awareness, not allowing the internal pressures of moving chi, emotions, and thoughts overwhelm and break your attention in the moment. By being honest (clear) enough to feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed, and then facing those chi, emotions, or thoughts directly. You give your mind and body the space it needs to process new information and experiences in the most efficient way possible.

In this Year of the Metal Rat, practice being more resourceful with your attention and awareness, not allowing it to be overly polarized in one direction or another. Conserve enough awareness that you can stay present and focused no matter what external or internal pressures manifest. By doing so, you will begin to experience life more fully, with more freedom and choice available in each new moment.

A Home For the Lineage – The Tao Space

In this auspicious year of the Metal Rat, the Taoist lineage I inherited from Liu Hung Chieh has at last found a permanent home. How do I feel about it? Simply put, it’s good. At this final stage of my life, it’s finally happened that there is a space where I can pass on these valuable teachings to help balance and benefit others. The future will happen how it will. But one thing is sure, good will come out of it.

The new training center isn’t just about the physical walls that simply give us a spot to practice; it’s a place of potential for those who want to explore the depth of their being and do it in a community of other folks interested in the same thing. With that in mind, the official name of the training center will be “The Tao Space.”

The Tao Space is located in Longmont, CO just outside Boulder and Denver at the foot of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  It’s my intention to use this space to share the entire Taoist lineage I was fortunate enough to receive in China over decades of training.

Finally, a consistent location to teach regular and continuing courses will make this possible in a way that could never happen in rented buildings. Because it is a permanent and stable home for the teachings to occur, the physical space is empowered for exactly that purpose. This greatly accelerates the progress of those who train here.

My regular weekly classes will begin in the new training center on March 3.

The Golden Thread

A central focus of this year’s teaching will be an important principle in Taoism known as The Golden Thread. This refers to the threads of Spirit and Chi that connect all parts of the Universe/Tao together, all the way from the smallest atoms to the largest stars

The Taoist perspective is that if you could fully perceive and align yourself with the Golden Thread, you would become a fully realized being, i.e. a Jesus, Buddha or a Taoist Immortal. But there are many ways we can gradually become more conscious of the Golden Thread within and around us. In the Taoist Water Tradition, we begin this process by consciously and creatively directing the resource of our awareness to our physical bodies through practices such as qigong, tai chi, Taoist yoga, the internal martial arts, etc… The Golden Thread will be the focus of the school this year and especially during the summer retreats. Becoming aware of the connection throughout your body can create the stability that is essential in this year of new beginnings and change.

Events 2020

In addition to local classes, I still intend to offer intensive training retreats and workshops for the worldwide EA community. To kick off my live events this year, I will be teaching a weekend workshop series this Spring and October at our new training center in Longmont, Colorado. The main topic covered in the events series will be Energy Gates and God’s Playing in the Clouds Qigong. Also rarely taught, Qigong Tui Na Bodywork and Bagua Zhang (circle walking) will be offered as connected, one-day courses.

Next, our annual summer retreats will last four weeks this year, running from July 13 to August 7. The first week will focus on the power of Heaven and Earth Qigong. Then, I will teach a two-week course on foundational practices, as well as the deeper neigong found inside the Wu Style Tai Chi Form. The last week of the course will dive into Taoist Meditation and the core teachings of the Golden Thread.

Whether you can attend one or several of these events, each will be a great opportunity to begin your studies or open up the next layer of your practice for a big upgrade.

Find out the details of all my 2020 events, including the weekend workshop series and summer retreat schedule here:

In Conclusion

I would like to thank everyone in the wider Energy Arts Community, especially those who continue to support the longevity of this Taoist lineage by attending events and by participating in the online programs. I wish everyone a creative and abundant year of the Metal Rat. May you make the best of the opportunities and awareness that come your way! I look forward to seeing and training with as many of you as I can in the New Year.

In appreciation,

Bruce Frantzis

Founder, Energy Arts Inc.

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