The Tao of Self-Discovery

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If you want to find out who you are, you have to get behind anything and everything that has happened to you in your life. It doesn’t matter what could occur. It doesn’t matter what you might be experiencing at the present moment. It doesn’t matter what you possess. It doesn’t matter what you have been given.

It doesn’t matter who told you what you know. To understand who you are you have to find the incredible space that exists within you. When you find that incredible space, it will be intrinsically balanced, full of light, filled with sound and overflowing with love and compassion for yourself and your fellow beings.

If you find that place, you will find out who you are without question. Nothing you could ever think about it will get you to that place.

Consider each day:

* Who am I  beyond what’s occurring?
* Who am I  beyond the experiences I’ve had?
* Who am I  beyond what will happen to me?
* Who am I  beyond what I think?
* How do I  become a mature human being who is fully alive?
* How do I reconcile the needs of a  physical body with being spiritual?

For more than five thousand years, Taoists have used meditation to seek answers to these primordial questions.

My main teacher, the late Taoist Sage Liu Hung Chieh of Beijing, China, accepted me as a disciple and empowered me to teach the Water tradition of Taoist meditation, which has been passed down in an unbroken lineage tracing back to Lao Tse, who authored the Tao Te Ching over 2,500 years ago. The methods within this ancient tradition are still very relevant today and potent antidotes to stress, poor health and the feelings of disconnection that plague modern life.

At any moment are you able to recognize when stress is happening inside you? Can you find a few minutes of peace even when the events taking place require your full attention? Simply notice what the nerves of your body feel like. Notice the nature of your mind and breathe.

Relaxing into your life, into your being, is the key. Breathe very deeply until you can relax. Slowly smooth out all the firings and irregular glitches until your breath becomes very clear, long and calm. In the process of breathing, you open the door to inner awareness where you will find something in you that is beyond your thoughts.

At every new stage another layer is opened up to you, and, in so doing, you open up to yourself. The stressful, swirling circumstances of life are replaced with inner comfort and the discovery of your relationship with the vastness of eternity.


  1. patrick

    Thank you for this Master Frantzis.

  2. Michelle Smaw

    I live in AZ and yearn to study the art of tai chi..Do can you help me?


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