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At the end of last year,  I suggested that people forgive. Forgive others and forgive themselves. And if you know you did wrong or someone else did wrong, forget the blame and emotional energy, let go and just don’t repeat it.

For this Chinese New Year we are at a time when it really pays to look over a long period of time and start changing what we all do so that things can work out much better for the long haul.

The Year of the Water Dragon is a special type of energy that only occurs every 60 years. It interesting that this falls during 2012, the supposed end of the world or the dawning of a new global spiritual awakening depending on whom you talk to. I want to give you a few perspectives on the Year of the Water Dragon that you may find interesting.

The Water Element

The water aspect of this year brings ease and good luck to practicing everything within all Taoist water method practices. When we say water practices we are not talking about jumping in a pool or the ocean. Water tradition practices in Taoism are specifically about allowing things to happen naturally and without effort. They are more about letting go to see what is already there. The opposite to this is the fire method which is about force and pushing yourself to the edge.

In our times of increasing stress and pressure, distractions, information overload and rapid change, the Water Tradition methods are the cure. So this is a year that will naturally support these types of gentle yet powerful practices. Keep this in mind this year – if something is not flowing or you are using force ask yourself, “How can I approach this differently to make it easy or just let it go?”

Right now everywhere paralysis is taking over. More than ever find ways to take small actions, rather than just living in a dark mental soup that is the status quo for many. Think a bit less and act a bit more. You can analyze problems forever but analysis is not a solution it is only the beginning of a solution.

When you begin with small things within your power and do it, you’ll find that as the year grows and the decade grows you’ll find that you will be able to do more and more positive things. Part of this is to engage in meditation in whatever way you can so you can simply let go of what is stopping your creative potential.

Small things add up. They can change the world, especially when done collectively.

Likewise in this, in all Chinese astrological water years, the best time to enhance your creativity in personal practice is between 7 am to 9 am. If you can find the time and space in the morning this would be the best time to do your tai chi, qigong or meditation practice. If you can practice Taoist outer dissolving, as I teach in Energy Gates Qigong, this is an especially useful practice this year.

The Celestial Dragon 

So we have talked about water now lets combine that with the energy of the Dragon. Ancient China’s celestial dragon represented the Emperor in power, strength, and good fortune.  It is the ultimate auspicious symbol of success, wealth accumulation, and happiness. The dragon is known as bringing great luck to everyone but only if they applied focused effort as you would do in a personal practice.  You might ask yourself what personal practice you will put in place and what conditions will you setup for yourself so that it is inevitable that you will achieve your goals this year.

Powerful and unpredictable, you can trust the dragon’s intuitive nature that is of fearless, forward looking, great at analyzing situations and then taking action. If we remember the qualities of water you’ll want to remind yourself to move forward not through force, but by constantly watching the flow and adjusting accordingly.

When you do this, you have an opportunity to make 2012 an awesome time for creating more abundant inner knowledge and understanding in many areas of life.  This time can both be transformational for world events on a macro perspective and an important tipping point for the life of the individual, through an increase in perception.

There are lots of positive energies for growth at work.  Water dragon has enough courage to both face challenges and easily find and overcome weak points.  Water calms the dragon sufficiently so he can project his energy positively, direct it sensibly, rather than recklessly and foolishly.

Dragon years are connected to new beginnings, starting a business and finding happiness and good fortune. What do you want to start this year? What one or two things can you focus on that once achieved could change your destiny? What one practice would you train and master if you knew that you could not fail?

Aligning to Your Flow

This year is also an exceptional time to resolve old issues. Make a list of any unfinished or unresolved issues and then take action to bring them to completion. I recommend starting with the easy things first. Owe someone $50 then pay it. Need to clean out a room then do it. Caught up in a crazy relationship, then end it. Once you do this you will create space for the new. Then you can focus on building a strong, new inner foundation.

The first part of this dragon year appear to be relatively uneventful.  Best to use this time to prepare for the Spring, when the dragon influence will grow in you and you will be able to move forward with ease and grace. The early months are also an ideal time to become aware of your inner weak points then decide what actions you can take to move through them.  For if you do, in the future it will greatly show you how to be resourceful and adaptable when faced with difficult external or internal challenges.

Actions begun earlier in the year will grow into fruition the second half, with a steady flow of additions, corrections, and positive developments. I wish you the best for this year and hope to see you along the way.

Gong Hei Fat Choi,

Bruce Frantzis


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